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 Parents of special needs children, can have excellent facilities in Dubai for education, overall quality of life and a high standard of health. In Dubai, health and education should be privately funded but the choice of facilities may also be limited. The Dubai Government recognizes that even if the special educational needs are supported, the best facilities for children with special needs happen to be privately funded schools.

Here is a list of schools for the children with special needs.



Certificate Attestation refers to legalizing the certificates/documents which are a proof of your qualifications. Attestation is required for educational as well as non educational documents.

  1. Al Ghurair University P.O. Box 37374 Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971 04 3380801 Fax: +971 04 3393055 Website:

  2. American College of Dubai P.O. Box 36778 Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971 04 2829992 Fax: +971 04 2828060 Website:

As you know, UAE has the largest number of banks compared to other GCC countries. Apart from the conventional banks, there are some Islamic banks which follows the Islamic rules( Sharia rules) .  Are you planning to take loan from a bank or non banking financial institution for your personal needs or business needs. Here are some information regarding different types of loan available in Dubai.

Vaccinations and immunizations are important to the health of a child. In simple terms, a vaccine is a drug that protects your child from getting a particular illness.

The objective of the National Immunization Program (NIP) in the UAE is to protect all eligible children against Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (VPD) and sustain such protection through adolescence and adulthood with the view of reducing the disease burden in the community. The Program includes:

Relocating to another place especially a different country like Dubai is quite a Herculean task. For families with school going kids, it also means finding and getting the kids admitted to well established schools where both the parents and children feel secure and happy. This is indeed quite stressful for parents as well as children. In fact shifting a child to another school is to be done with utmost care as the child will have adjust himself /herself to the new environment at all levels .

Estimates say that expatriates constitute almost 80% of Dubai’s 1.7 million population. Hence any medical policy would need to cover the expatriates too. The UAE introduced the compulsory medical insurance policy in 2008, where anyone who enters the Emirates would need to have a valid insurance. But Dubai postponed this compulsory insurance plan, as it did not want to exacerbate the exodus of its expat population.


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