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The IT industry is simply expanding in every part of the world and Dubai is no exception to this .One major attraction to IT companies establishing their business In Dubai is the Tax incentives provided by the Government. The Dubai Internet City is an IT park created by the government .It acts as a free economic zone for companies, who want to set up business in the city.

Car pooling refers to multiple passengers sharing a car to reach a common destination This helps to avoid traffic rush, illegal taxis and is also a very effective means of controlling travel expenses. This is not just a taxi system, it’s more of a system wherein people who get to know each other plan and decide in advance to travel together to common points and routes. Car pooling is also an Environment friendly and sustainable method which allows several passengers to share a journey and reduce the costs incurred as well as pollution.

Searching for an entertaining Night club to relieve the tensions of the day? Have a look at the list below and check out if any would suit your style. The important thing you have to keep in mind is that the age limit to enter a Night club in Dubai is minimum 25 years.      

According to the Islamic Law, Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden. Hence consuming alcohol in Dubai requires you to obtain your alcohol license first. An Alcohol license is a legal requirement in Dubai which gives permission to Expatriates to consume alcohol. Any person purchasing alcohol will be required to submit his alcohol license. There is a 30% tax added to all alcohol purchases made when presenting an alcohol license.

Getting your dream job can be one of the most satisfying rewards for each and every person. Trying to find employment inDubaican be made simpler by checking out the following links. The list covers almost all main job sites which are useful for job hunters inDubai.

 Job sites

If you are arriving in a foreign country for the first time alone, it will be a daunting task to go through the various procedures at the airport. Dubai, which is giving tourism its utmost importance, has taken much care to portray itself as a foreigner-friendly country. The various ‘Meet and Greet’ services that Dubai has come up with at the International Airport are a step towards this.

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority(RTA) implemented the Salik toll gate system on 1st July 2007.The word Salik means Open /Clear .The system is an electronic toll collection one ,mainly intended to have a smooth , efficient and free flow of traffic .There are no toll booths or toll collectors in this system .The main idea behind this implementation is to avoid long traffic queues .


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