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While on a trip for relaxation, what you don’t need is the unnecessary tension. Taking a travel insurance package will be a big relief especially for frequent travelers. If you get yourself and your family members insured, the responsibility of getting you back to your home safely after your trip lies mainly with the Insurance Company.

The most commonly seen Travel Insurance packages in Dubai consist of

Listed below are some cheap hotels in Dubai.

Are you planning to start a business partnership in Dubai? Then your primary concern will be to get your Investor visa. Investor visas are normally issued to expatriate investors in partnership with a National of Dubai. The Investor visa in Dubai is issued for three years and the fee is around AED 300.For applying you have to make sure that you have a minimum shareholding of AED 70,000 in the share capital.

After getting an Investor visa you can establish an UAE company or invest in UAE real-estate.

The charm and allure of Dubai life has always been about the promise of a better lifestyle – as well as the chance to save funds to eventually enjoy a better life in your home country.  But with the costs spiralling up, saving money in Dubai can be easier said than done.  In addition, lack of policies which govern competition has lead business firms to raise their prices in different ways.

With tall sky scrapers, overflowing malls, world-class businesses and sophisticated places, Dubai is a truly international oasis that attracts adventurers, businessmen, families and pleasure-seekers alike. There is plenty to discover about Dubai whether your trip be a pleasure one or a business one.

Any passenger who wants to exit the Dubai International airport into the country will need a UAE entry permit. A 96 hour transit visa is available to visitors to the UAE. The transit visa can be obtained in one of the following ways:

The Emirates Identity Card is used as a National ID card, provided by Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), a federal government organization. For UAE residents, the card validity depends on the work visa validity. It’s mandatory that you renew your ID card on time. The ID cards are mandatory for Emiratis to get a driving license, and to register and re-register a vehicle. The card will eventually be used as a regional passport, health card and a credit card for government-related financial transactions.


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