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Art Fair for 2 days at The Address,Dubai Mall which displays more than 30 original works from artists and galleries around the world. Admission is Free.

Event Date: 
2014-10-31 00:00 to 2014-11-02 00:00
The Address, Dubai Mall

The BurJuman Pink Walkathon 2014, the most famous charitable walk for breast cancer will start at 8am on October 31,Friday from Area A, Gate 2 of Zabeel Park.You can register for the same at Zabeel Park which starts from 7 a.m.

Event Date: 
2014-10-31 08:00
Area A, Gate 2 of Zabeel Park

Who doesn't like to have healthy food?? and if it's farm fresh ,organic.. GREAT!!! Farmers' markets are back!!

Ripe Food & Craft Market

Ripe Food & Craft Market has moved to a new location at Gate 1 of Zabeel Park. Even though the event started from October 10th,its not yet late. Make this your destination for your friday morning, skip your supermarket shopping and buy farm fresh,organic,locally grown fruits and vegetables from Ripe stall.Its open from 9 am-2pm.

Planning for a baby's day out?? On budget?? Dont worry... There are free things to do in Dubai with kids.


There are so many parks in Dubai with children's play areas.If the kids are driving you crazy,take them to the parks near to your locality and let them burn off some excess energy. Certain parks have running tracks too.While kids are having fun, you can even take a couple of laps in the track.

Visit turtles at Mina Al Salam

Do you roam around UAE without cash in your wallet , relying only on your credit cards? Then you better take a note of following list where you really need some cash in hand. Even though most of our transactions are paperless nowadays, sometimes consumers have no other choice.

Employment visa

If the applicant for Employment visa is in UAE on visit visa or his previous visa cancelled and did not exit,then the applicant has to change his/her visa status by completing the following procedures.

When applying for new employment visa,

It is made mandatory by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) of Land Department,government agency that regulates the real estate sector in Dubai,that all rental contracts should be registered through its arm called Ejari.

Rental contracts can be registered by 

  • either landlord
  • or tenant
  • or both parties

without the need to consult each other.


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