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Planning for a baby's day out?? On budget?? Dont worry... There are free things to do in Dubai with kids.


There are so many parks in Dubai with children's play areas.If the kids are driving you crazy,take them to the parks near to your locality and let them burn off some excess energy. Certain parks have running tracks too.While kids are having fun, you can even take a couple of laps in the track.

Visit turtles at Mina Al Salam

Do you roam around UAE without cash in your wallet , relying only on your credit cards? Then you better take a note of following list where you really need some cash in hand. Even though most of our transactions are paperless nowadays, sometimes consumers have no other choice.

Employment visa

If the applicant for Employment visa is in UAE on visit visa or his previous visa cancelled and did not exit,then the applicant has to change his/her visa status by completing the following procedures.

When applying for new employment visa,

It is made mandatory by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) of Land Department,government agency that regulates the real estate sector in Dubai,that all rental contracts should be registered through its arm called Ejari.

Rental contracts can be registered by 

  • either landlord
  • or tenant
  • or both parties

without the need to consult each other.

Do you have a valid driving license from some other country?? Do you want to transfer it to drive in UAE?

If yes, then it is quite easy. The countries from which citizens can transfer their driving licenses are given below:

Are you on a tight budget?? Do you always end up spending lot of money on shopping?? Here are some of the money saving tips.

Do you travel a lot??Do you want to drive in a foreign country?? Then, all UAE travellers are advised to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) from the Automobile and Touring Club of UAE (ATCUAE).

The main concern of the motorists traveling in foreign countries is the varying drivers license requirements in each country. Nowadays, many countries allow visitors to use their domestic driving licenses when traveling abroad but this can lead to language problems. In order to overcome these difficulties, IDPs were established by United Nations in 1949 & 1968.

IDP is


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