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Have you lost your labour card??How to get another one??Here is the procedure for replacing your lost/damaged labour card.

Before requesting for replacement for your lost labour card,you should go to the nearest police station to get the lost item certificate, a letter from the police stating that the employee has misplaced his/her Labour Card and officially reported it to the authorities.

All the employer’s establishments should have been unified as per the ministry’s procedures.


Are you a frequent flyer?? Are you fed up of waiting in long queues at the airport?? Then you should get an eGate card

With an eGate card you can skip the long immigration queue and finish the immigration in just three to five minutes.You just need to

  • go to the eGate
  • swipe your card
  • touch the panel to match your fingerprint

and thats all.. you're done.

In Dubai,you have to renew your car registration once in every year. For the first year, the dealer will handle all the formalities if you have bought a new vehicle. But you will have renew the car from next year onwards.

UAE residents will be able re-register their vehicles from anywhere in the country, irrespective of the origin of their documents or the vehicle.

It is also possible to renew your car registration through selected insurance companies like

Do you want to bring your parents to stay with you in Dubai? Then you need to get residence visa for them. UAE expatriate  is eligible to apply for residence visa for  their parents/parents-in-law only if they

  • have a valid resident visa
  • have a minimum salary of AED 19,000 with accommodation / salary of AED 20,000 without accommodation  

For those who have salary lower than this can approach the Humanitarian Desk at DNRD, who will deal with individual cases on a humanitarian basis.

Congrats!!! Its time to welcome a new member to your family. You will be concerned about what all things are to be taken into consideration when giving birth in Dubai

Choosing the hospital

First thing to do is to check with your insurance company whether maternity cost is covered with it. If so,just make it clear whether they cover the whole amount or it is limited.

1.Atlantis, The Palm

Asateer offers a truly unforgettable Ramadan experience in Dubai, serving a traditional Iftar sunset buffet for AED 195 followed by an a la carte Suhour menu from 9.30pm. Call: 04-4260800.
1. Children below the age of three years are admitted complimentary.
2. Children between three and 12 years can enjoy Iftar for AED 95

Iftar at Nobu - 28 June to 27 July

Sharks,penguins,dinosaur... What next in Dubai Mall?? The newest resident in Dubai Mall is a 40-year-old Australian saltwater crocodile,King Croc.


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