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visa cancellation

Dear All,

  • i had been work in dubai for 7 month of 2 years agreement visa now i cancelled my  visa and got another job in ajman with 5000 salary but i got ban for 6 month from dubai so how can i remove my ban even i got no objection letter from previos sponsor.

visa status

hi i resigned from a Hotel in Dubai on 19th February 2014 and on 19th Marchmy visa was cancelled as i searched for a job for the in grace period of a month in Dubai I found a job on the 7th April 2014. But as working in the Hotel Industry the Hotels in Dubai keep there employees Passports now my grace period of one month is over on the 18th April 2014. I want to know should I leave the country while my new job is busy processing my new Visa or may I stay while my new Visa is under process will there be a ban on my visa por should I just exit for one day ..PLEASE HELP I NEED IT REALLY

Change of Visa

Hello..currently I'm on my husband's sponsorship and my husband has got a better offer with another company. Meanwhile I also have got a new job and my present company has applied for my labor approval and once that is done I will start working. But my husband has kept his visa cancellation on hold till my approval arrives. I want to know that can my husband go ahead with his visa cancellation after my labor approval is done or he has to wait till my company applies for my labor card? My husband will re-sponsor me once his passport is stamped with the new visa.

new employment after visa cancelation

I am a nurse and currently working in Fujairah and I am about to finished my 2 year signed contract. I just submitted my resignation and will be effective on Oct 18. I got a new offer in Abu dhabi and i already signed the contract. I will join in their hospital as soon as my visa from current employer will be cancelled and so my future employer could apply for my new visa. My problem is, do i need to exit or go back to my country so that they can apply a new visa for me? i heard about local ammendments here...or can i just exit in singapore.

Visa cancel

i just entered in to dubai with employment visa, medical complete, I didnot sign contract. but not stamped visa in passport..before that i need to cancel the visa. i complained to labour they given time for meeting, my employer refused to come, and extending the date, validity of this visa is only 15 days remaining, after that who will get the fine??? to employer or me?? when i can go back to my country. how many times they can extend date like this....???


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