Employment visa requirements & procedures for UAE

Getting a dream job in UAE is considered lucky by many. Once you get the offer, the next step is to obtain your employment visa. You should proceed to apply for your visa only if you are certain about your employment chances and you are sure that your offer is valid. There are some procedures to be followed to obtain your work visa. Normally the company offering employment will aid you in this. It is the responsibility of the company offering employment to get the employees visa. Your employment visa is issued by the Immigration Department after getting approval from UAE Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. To keep yourself updated on recent changes, you should check with the UAE embassy in your country or the concerned authority in the Immigration department in UAE.

You should take precautions if you are given a visit visa by the company instead of the employment visa. Some companies provide visit visas so that they can check out the performance of the employee and if found not satisfactory, can ask them to return before probation period is over. Working on a visit visa is illegal and has dangerous legal complications if police authorities find out. So it is up to you to ensure that you have a valid employment visa which the company has obtained from the Immigration department of UAE.

The company will inform you of the required documents and will give you necessary instructions regarding filling the application forms. Normally the company is responsible for the fees and other expenses occurring for your visa processing.

Once the company manages to get your employment visa, you have the permission to enter UAE. The employment visa allows you to stay in UAE for 30 days within which the company can arrange your work permit and residency visa.

Documents required
  • Passport  with at least six months validity
  • If you are travelling with your spouse and children, each one of them should have a separate passport
  • Marriage certificate (if your spouse is accompanying you)
  • If you are a female employee taking your kids along, you will need an attested letter of consent from their father
  • Original documents showing qualifications
  • Your valid job offer

Once you reach UAE on your employment visa and your work contract is validated, you will be granted your labor card.

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The next step is to take up procedures required to obtain your residency visa. A residency visa is valid for three years and can be renewed. This again is the responsibility of the company hiring you. They should take care of all the formalities involved and also inform the concerned authorities. The company sponsoring you may ask for your original documents, however always make sure that you have your passport with you. There is no need to hand over your passport to your employer.

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