How to renew your Indian Passport in UAE

Indian passport services in Dubai

An ordinary Indian Passport is valid for ten years from the date of issue. Minors are issued passports for 5 years or up to attaining 18 years, whichever is earlier.

Indian passport renewal in Dubai

An application for renewal of passport can be submitted if the final validity of the passport is less than one year. BLS (BLS International Passport Services-UAE) is responsible for Passport Processing Services for Embassy of India in UAE. The applicant has to be physically present at the office to submit the application.

Documents required for Indian Passport renewal in dubai
  • Application form – The indian passport renewal form in dubai for various consular services may be downloaded by logging on to the relevant sections of the Embassy of India’s website or from or can be downloaded at BLS website
  • It includes Form EAP-1 – one set and the Personal Particulars form in triplicate. If you find it hard to filling the details, it can be done at the BLS offices for a nominal fee of AED 25/ in Deira (202, Dubai National Insurance Building near Deira City Centre) and Bur Dubai (105, Khaleej Centre). They work from 8 am to evening 6.30pm with a one hour interval at noon for lunch break..
  • Original Passport
  • Indian Passport copy of the passport pages (first, last, address page if separate page, any other endorsement pages and visa page with additional booklets if any)
  • Identity Proof –Can be a labor card or any other UAE Identity card.
  • If the validity of the present passport expired more than 6 months ago, Sworn Affidavit for late submission, signed by applicant in the presence of Consular Officer is to be produced
  • For minors (up to 18 years) parents’ passport copies are required.
  • Photos:
  • Six photo are required, three to be attached in the EAP-1 and one each in the Personal Particulars form. Photographs should be in colour, against a white background and should be of the size 35 mm X 45 mm. It should have a frontal view, with both ears and chin to forehead being visible. The applicant’s eyes should be open. There should not be any distracting shadows on the face or on the background. The expression on the face should look natural. Photographs should not be older than 6 months. Head coverings are also not allowed except for religious purposes.

Upon submission of all the required documents, the BLS officials will hand over a receipt with a web address and a Tracking number. You can use this number for follow up on your passport. The documents will then be handed over to the Consulate where it will be processed. It will then be sent to you via courier. Nowadays paying an extra AED5 enables receiving updates on tracking the passport through SMS.


Black Ink signature It’s mandatory that the forms are all signed in Black Ink. The signature of the applicant should exactly fit in the prescribed column (4.5 x 1.5 cm). Those who cannot affix their signatures like infants, minors or illiterate should put their thumb impression in the place of signature


Indian Passport Renewal Fees

Passport renewal costs for adults AED 150 Passport renewal costs for Minors AED 100

Indian Passport Tatkal Fees

Emergency services for issue –AED 550 in addition to the Normal Fee.

Approximate time taken for processing and receiving the renewed passport:

5 working days if applied at Abudhabi. Passport issued by other PIAs (Passport Issuing Authorities) and Dubai – 40 days Passport under Tatkal scheme – Maximum 3 working days.

Indian Passport renewal in Abu Dhabi Empost

The management of the Indian Passport and Visa Service Centres (IPAVSCs), which was under Empost since 2009 is no longer valid and is now handled by the BLS International Passport Services.

BLS International Abu Dhabi

Website :

BLS International Abu Dhabi Address

Indian Embassy Plot No. 10
Sector W-59/02 Diplomatic Area
Off the Airport Road
P.O. Box 4090 Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

BLS International Abu Dhabi Contact

Phone : 04-2555530

BLS International Timings

Timings 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM – Saturday to Thursday.
Tokens will be issued 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm


    1. Really nice and interesting post. I was looking for this kind of information and enjoyed reading this one. Keep posting. Thanks for sharing. lpxokhryk

  1. it will take 5 working days for the renewal of Dubai issued Indian Passport and 40 working days for the renewal of Indian Passport issued by other Passport Issuing Authorities.

  2. Please let me know that what are the documents required to add wife name at the time of pass renewal.
    Also i have shifted to new adress in India so, what are the documents i need to submit for address changing with my passport renewl. ( i am staying in Abu dhabi and first time i had renewed my passport from Abu Dhabi,)

  3. Douments needed to add your wife's name in your Indian Passport are

    1. EAP II form
    2. photo copies of passport of both husband and wife
    3. original passport of the spouse whose name is to be endorsed
    4. Marriage certificate duly attested by the home department of the respective state/or a joint sworn affidavit of marriage signed by both the husband and wife
    5. 2 photographs of the spouse whose name is to be endorsed

    It will take around 3 working days

    The cost of endorsing the spouse name is Dhs 40 if the marriage certificate is attested by the concerned state home department otherwise it is Dhs 80 (which includes fee of joint sworn affidavit)

    1. To add my wife’s name in passport, my wife’s original passport required? shez in india now.

  4. I think Original passport is a requirement for renewing it. If you have lost it, you will have to replace it not renew it.

  5. My passport expiry date on 30th June 2013. How many month before i can renew from the expiry date. Also my visa is in AbuDhabi. Can I renew by AbuDabi embassy.

  6. If the passport expiry is 6 months from now, you can give it for renewal. Yes you can renew your passport from abu Dhabi. All the passport services are done by BLS International Passport Services-UAE. They have an office in Abu Dhabi

  7. My passport are going to expire 3rd of decemberand visa is going to expire 21st of june this year 2013 , i want to renew my passport befr visa expire {previous passport renewed from Abudhabi} so how many days before i have to go for renewal of passport. pls help.

  8. @mohammad imteya – If the passport expiry is 6 months from now, you can give it for renewal. So in your case, you can give it for renewal by June 3rd 2013. As it previous passport renewal was also from Abu Dhabi, it will take only for 5 days for the renewal process. Alternatively you can also speak with BLS about it. they do the passport renewal in Abu Dhabi.. you can contact them at 04-2555530

  9. I have an ECR Stamped Passport and I entered Dubai without any of my Original Educational Certificates. I only have copies.
    I now got a job and also got a valid employment visa stamped on my passport.

    I need to know how I can get the ECR Stamp removed from my Passport.
    Is there a way to remove the ECR Stamp without my educational certificates ( Originals )

  10. I am at Abu Dhabi my passport is expiry on 13-october-2013 when I am renewing passport what required with original passport. How much fees for renewing. Renewing office working days weekly. my visa expiry on 07-july-2013.

  11. My mother’s passport will get expired in the 8th month of 2013 & how many days will it take for the renewal in Dubai if it is issued in Dubai only previously?

  12. my passport previously renewed from auh ,my passport expiry date on 09/20 i am going to leave on august 28. my plan passport renew from india .how many days required for renewing in india.

  13. We want to travel to India in the first week of June and my daughters passport is getting expired on the 21st of June. 1. Can we travel to India?? 2. If we want to renew her passport before that what is the procedure??

  14. my son passport expired on7th oct ober 2013, not renewed, can he travel to kerala on2nd april to renew it there .due to lacking of father datas.since he is finishing his 10th std here ,
    and join 11th in thiruvanathapuram.

  15. i would like to add pages in my passport and also i would like to change my picture. picture which i have in passport its a sardar one, now i have cut my hair. so i need to get a new one . what i have to do .

  16. Hi
    My passport was issued in Bahrain and I now reside in Dubai. How long will it take to renew the same?

  17. Hi,
    I want to renew my Indian passport. It was issued in India. After two months it will expire. I am renewing it for the first time. Can I renew it through Tatkal Scheme. If yes How long will it take and What will be the validity of the passport if I renew it through Tatkal Scheme.


  18. currently i live in Dubai , and my Indian passport going to expire within 10 days ,can i renew from Indian embassy

  19. I have just given my passport for renewal and it was issued earlier in India. Will it take really 40 working days? What if there is an emergency and I have to travel immediately. Someone please advise.

  20. My passport is going to expire on 10th april 2015. I have to travel to india on 25th December and be back on 2nd January 2015. Can I able to travel with the current passport with a validity of 4.5 months or minimum 6 months validity required for the travel. I have a valid resident visa upto middle of June 2016. Please clarify