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List of Special needs schools in UAE

 Parents of special needs children, can have excellent facilities in Dubai for education, overall quality of life and a high standard of health. In Dubai, health and education should be privately funded but the choice of facilities may also be limited. The Dubai Government recognizes that even if the special educational needs are supported, the best facilities for children with special needs happen to be privately funded schools.

Here is a list of schools for the children with special needs.


ABA Center for Special Needs

Specialization : Developmental disabilities, autism, pervasive developmental disorder Address : PO Box 29345, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Telephone: +971-7-2365542 Fax           :  +971-7-2365057 Email: Website:

Abilities Development Centre

Address: PO Box 109086, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-6417996 Fax           :  +971-2-6417994 Email:

Abu Dhabi Autism Center

Address: PO Box 6908, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-5821621 Fax           :  +971-2-5822068

Abu Dhabi Center for Language and Speech Disorders

Address : PO Box 5962, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone : +971-2-6656222 Fax            :  +971-2-6655226 Email         :

ABA Center for Special Needs

Areas: deals with developmental disabilities, autism,pervasive developmental disorder Address: PO Box 29345, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Telephone: +971-7-2365542 Fax           :+971-7-2365057 Email        : Website    :

Al Amal Special Needs Center

Address: PO Box 58408, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone : +971-2-8847919 Fax            : +971-2-8847929 Email         :

Al Khaleej Autism Center

Address: PO Box 59815, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone : +971-2-6652004 Fax            : +971-2-6652005

Al Noor Centre for Children with Special Needs

(Departments for Autism, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language and Physiotherapy) Address: Al Barsha, behind Mall of the Emirates PO Box 8397, Dubai, UAE Telephone:+971-4-3404844 Fax            : +971-4-3417274 Email         : Website     :

Al Noor Speech Hearing Capacity Day Centre

Address: PO Box 3937, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone : +971-2-4493844

Assistive Technology Learning Resource Center UAE

Areas: deals with mental and physical handicaps and disabilities including Asperger's syndrome, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism,vision and locomotive disabilities) Address: Abu Dhabi Women's College, Al Dafrah PO Box 41012, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Awladouna Center

Areas          : Speech, Language and occupational Therapy Address: PO Box 2751, Sharjah, UAE Telephone : +971-6-5387538 Fax            : +971-6-5388952 Email         : Website     :

British Institute for Learning Development

Address: Off Al Wasl Rd, between Park 'n' Shop and Spinneys PO Box 65725, Dubai, UAE Telephone : +971-4-3945907 Fax            : +971-4-3944169 Email         : Website     :

British Institute for Learning Development Abu Dhabi

Address: 22nd Street, Khalifa City A Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-5566078 Fax           : +971-2-5561176 Email        : Website    :

British Institute for Learning Development Sharjah

Address: Abdullah Al Salem St, Ramakiya/Ramakiah Sharjah, UAE Telephone: +971-6-5383262 Fax           : +971-6-5382977 Email        : Website    :

Child Early Intervention Medical Center

Address: Al Razi Building, Block B, DHCC PO Box 505122, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-4233667 Fax           : +971-4-4298474 Email        : Website    :

Dubai Autism Center

Address: St 6B, off Al Diyafa Street, Satwa

PO Box 103737, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-3986862 Fax           : +971-4-3988262 Email        : Website    :

Dubai Center for Special Needs

Areas :physiotherapy, OT and Speech therapy

Address    : Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-3440966 Website    :

Dubai Community Health Center

Areas :specializes in Asperger's syndrome  support group Address   : Jumeirah PO Box 73810, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-3953939 Fax           : +971-4-3954343 Email        : Website    :

Dyslexia Dubai

Address    : Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-3446657

Emirates Autism Center

Address    : PO Box 37497, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-6427557 Fax           : +971-2-6427558

Emirates International Center

Address    : PO Box 27474, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-446580

First Steps Montessori Nursery

Areas: caters to slow learners and those with ADD Address    :Dubai, Umm Suqeim3, Community 366, Street no 15, Villa no 10, Opposite Burj al Arab. Telephone: +971-4-3486301/02 Mobile      :      0506524728 Email        :

Future Centre for Special Needs

Areas : specialises in ADD, Downs, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury Address    :PO Box 5859, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-6669625 Fax           : +971-2-6651912 Website    :

Gulf Special Care Centre

Address    :PO Box 59815 Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-6652004 Fax           : +971-2-6652005

Hope Centre Al Ain

Address    :PO Box 80718, Al Ain, UAE Telephone: +971-3-7669494 Fax           : +971-4-7544744 Email        :

Lexicon Reading Center

Areas: helps dyslexic children

Address    :United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Jumeirah Lakes Towers. HDS Tower, 1909. Telephone:+971-5-07954428 Email        : Website    :


Manzil Special Needs

Areas: deals with early intervention, education, transition, and vocational training programs.

Address    :Off Sharjah Airport Rd, near Pan Emirates Warehouse PO Box 44410, Sharjah, UAE Telephone: +971-6-5347663 Fax           : +971-6-5347664 Email        : Website    :

Modern International Centre for Speech

Address    :Jamal Abdul Nasser St PO Box 23236, Sharjah, UAE Telephone: +971-6-5536344 Fax           : +971-6-5537544

NECC Abu Dhabi

Areas : deals with autism in children

Address    :PO Box 112923, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-6429550 Fax           : +971-2-6429610 Email        : Website    :

Prince Center Speech Rehabilitation

Address    :PO Box 51523, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-6415533 Fax           : +971-2-6415534 Email        : Website    :

Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre

Areas: provides early intervention strategies, speech therapy, occupational and physiotherapy)

Address    :Al Barsha, behind Mall of the Emirates PO Box 456, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-3400005 Fax           : +971-4-3402662 Email        : Website    :

Senses Dubai

Areas: Residential and daycare centre for people with special needs Address    :Villa 107, 26B St, off 7C St behind Choitrams, opp Safa Park Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-3948765 Fax           : +971-4-3948764 Website    :

Sharjah Autism Centre

Address    :Sharjah, UAE Telephone: +971-6-5243131 Fax           : +971-6-5240044 Email        :

Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

Areas: for the mentally or physically disabled Address    :PO Box 5796, Sharjah, UAE Telephone: +971-6-5671117 Fax           : +971-6-5664461 Email        : Website    :

SNF Children Development Center

Areas: deals with special education needs of children and parents Address    :Karama PO Box 25934, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-3349818 Fax           : +971-4-3349819 Email        : Website    :

Stars for Special Abilities

Areas: deals with attention deficit syndrome and ADHD, autism and related autistic conditions, dyslexia

Address    :Villa 202/1, off 15th St, near Eid Prayer Mosque PO Box 127322, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971-2-4462048 Fax           : +971-2-4462049 Email        : Website    :

Stepping Stones Center Dubai

Areas: Speech & occupation Therapy

Address    :Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) PO Box 505082, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971-4-3635433 Email        : Website    :


Areas: Gives training and support for vision impaired Address    :PO. Box: 500008 Building 1 Room No.: A11 Dubai Academic City Dubai United Arab Emirates Telephone: +971 4 4463252 Fax           : +971 4 4573215 Email        :

UAE Downs Syndrome Association

Address    :PO Box 502216,Dubai, UAE

Telephone: +971-4-3671949 Fax           : +971-4-3664698 Email        :

UAE Downs Syndrome Support Group

Address    :Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE Fax           : +971-4-3499956 Email        :


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