Procedure for buying a used car in Dubai

While buying a new car the process is completely handled by the dealer itself and it make things easier for you. But it is not the same in the case of used car or Pre-owned Car what you may call according to the latest trend. Large sections of the people opt for used car than a new one. For them the factors given below would be useful for their foray to turn successful.

Norms to buy a used car

To register a car a buyer must be a resident of Dubai. During the registration process the seller must be present and in case if he is absent, a sale deed letter from an authorized showroom or dealer is required. In case the vehicle is from other emirate then the registration should be cancelled there. Please check online at the Dubai Police Website for any outstanding fines which the seller is entitled to pay.

Documents Required to buy a used car

  • Original Passport and copy or Dubai Driving license original is required.
  • Insurance Policy is required. (If the old insurance is valid it can be transferred otherwise a new one is required)
  • In case if the car is financed by a bank a no objection letter may be required.
  • Old registration card is required. On the other hand if the registration is expired it should be tested at the Traffic Department or Tasjeel Eppco or Emarat Shamil or Wasel Car Testing centre.
  • The original license plate of your vehicle is required.

Process to buy a used car

  1. Visit Dubai Traffic Department or Tasjeel Eppco or Emarat Shamil or Wasel Car Testing centers and fill in a form and pay the required fees.
  2. If there is any fine, the seller has to settle it, the concerned officer will verify and confirm it.
  3. Your name will be called in a couple of minutes to collect your new registration card which is valid for one year.
  4. Fix new number plates to your vehicle and send copies of your registration card to your finance & insurance company.


  • To test your car it would cost AED 50
  • For registration of your new car it would cost AED 420 for short number plates and 470 for long number plates.

If your require latest updates and more information please call toll free number 8009090 or visit RTA website.,regusedcar,1,&_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=general