Smooth well maintained roads though there is traffic – Dubai has always been a driver’s paradise. You will definitely feel like owning a car in Dubai because of its world class roads and availability of good cars. All top manufacturers of the world are there to entice the customers and hook them up for a deal. A second hand car sale is also a robust business and many are opting for it.

Procedures for Selling Cars and Ownership Transfer

Several factors needed to be considered if you are planning to sell a car or own a new one. The process takes place at a vehicle licensing center or traffic police headquarters.

  1. The primary things that needed to be ensured are that the vehicle is tested and insured.
  2. Owner of the vehicle should go along with the buyer and both should carry along a passport copy and a copy of the resident permit.
  3. Here the vehicles records will be verified to make certain that the vehicles owner is genuine and there are no outstanding fines to pay.
  4. In the case of insurance it can also be transferred by the owner to the purchaser.
  5. On the other hand if the vehicle is purchased from a dealer you should produce the sale deed.

These things can be done at Eppco Tasjeel Centre. It is called the Al Sayara service and for Dhs 200 a driver will pickup your vehicle and return it after having it tested and registered.

Documents Required for Selling Car in Dubai

  • Original passport and copy
  • UAE Driving License
  • Copy of your residence Visa
  • Car’s registration card
  • Original insurance document
  • License plates and the required fees

 Charges for Selling Car in Dubai

After submitting the original documents, next step is to pay the prescribed fees. An ownership transfer fee of Dhs. 320 with some additional fees should be disbursed. Once this is done the new owner will receive the new vehicle registration document which is of credit card size. Note that the fees mentioned will keep on changing.

Two or more years old vehicle must be tested (DH 50) at the vehicle testing centers. Don’t forget to carry your registration card.

Useful Contacts

For more details contact the Vehicle Licensing Department at the Road Traffic Authority on +971 – 4 – 217-2221 or +971 – 4 – 217-2229. Alternatively, contact Tasjeel in Al Aweer on +971 – 4 – 333-1510.

Caution in Selling Car in Dubai

Take care that you sell your car only for cash and not cheques.  There were reports of cheques bouncing these days.

Fines on Cars

All outstanding fines can be checked at the link given below of Dubai Police. Go to Dubai Police Headquarters web site, Online Services, Traffic Fines Enquiry and Payment at