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Procedure for Visa Cancellation in Dubai

It is mandatory to cancel the visa for all expatriate / resident visa holder when they are relocating from Dubai. This article details how to file DNRD (Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department) visa cancellation or MOL (Ministry of Labour) under various circumstances.

Visa Cancellation procedure

Based on your visa status, the visa cancellation process may vary.  Please find below the visa cancellation process in different cases.

  1. Work permit and residence visa cancellation of employee
    Employment visa cancellation process Dubai

    UAE work visa procedure for cancellation should be initiated by the employer or sponsor.   If you are working in Free Zone,  Free Zone Authority will be the sponsor to apply for the employment visa cancellation procedure in dubai. Following are the required set of documents to cancel work permit / labour card / UAE employment visa.

    1. Sponsor's passport copy
    2. Original passport of the sponsored worker
    3. 3 copies of applications for cancellation (within UAE) prepared by the typing agents, Of which 2 copies for the sponsored worker and 1 copy for DNRD . The application form should have the company's seal and the sponsor's signature.
    4. Copy of the establishment card.
    5. Copy of the commercial license.
    6. Air-ticket fare if the worker is in default, or an entry permit to modify his status.
    Dubai residence visa cancellation procedure

    For Dubai residence visa cancellation, following documents  are required

    • Original passport of the sponsored worker
    • 2 copies of cancellation certificate approved by Ministry of Labour, of which , 1 copy retained by DNRD and 1  copy for the applicant.
    • Copy of the valid commercial license.
    • Copy of the establishment card.
  2. Family visa cancellation procedure

    If you have a family under your sponsorship, it is mandated to cancel family visa before initiating the cancellation process of Work Permit.  The following documents are required for cancellation of the family residence visa.

    • Original passport of the sponsored person (family members)
    • Three copies of application for cancellation (within UAE) filled  up by the typing agent. Two copies are kept by the sponsored person and 1 copy retained for DNRD.
    • Sponsor's passport copy.
  3. Visa cancellation procedure in Dubai during Job Change

    While changing job within Dubai, the previous emirates residence visa and work permit will be canceled. After obtaining No Objection Certificate from the previous company, you need to transfer the sponsorship to a new employer and get a new permit issued by MOL. According to latest news, there is no need for visa cancellation procedure for residence visa of family members under your sponsorship when you change the job. You need to provide a bank guarantee of 5000 Dhs for each member to DNRD. Please click here for relevant information.

  4. Visa cancellation procedure from outside UAE

    If you have a valid residence visa, and if you stay outside UAE continuously over 6 months, the visa will become invalid or expired. But if the legal procedures for UAE visa cancellation process is not completed, you may be denied new visa by UAE.

    Residence visa cancellation for a person outside UAE

    If the individual spend more than 6 months outside UAE

    In such circumstance, the following documents are required for visa cancellation process in UAE:

    • Residence visa cancellation application - 2 copies (with the sponsor's signature)
    • Leave statement or the original passport of the sponsored
    • Copy of the sponsored person's passport or departure list provided that the residence permit has expired
    • Sponsor's passport copy

    If the individual has spend less than 6 months out of the country

    The procedure of UAE visa cancellation while the sponsored is outside the UAE for less than 6 months. In this case the Documents required to cancel residence visa are

    • Residence visa cancellation application ( with the sponsor’s signature)
    • Passport of the sponsored or the expiry of the residence visa outside UAE
    • UAE Identity Card - Original
    • The sponsored's residence visa cancellation can also take place if the sponsor's residence visa is cancelled.

    Employment visa cancellation from outside dubai

    If you have a work permit issued by DNRD and MOL, following documents are required for UAE work visa cancellation procedure.

    • Two (2) copies of visa cancellation form to cancel an employment permit issued for a person by MOL, when the residence permit has expired.
    • If the sponsored person holds a residence (employment) permit issued by DNRD , his residence permit will be canceled by DNRD.
    • Copy of the establishment card.
    • Copy of the commercial license
    • List of departures list issued by Cancellation Unit.

    AED 120 is charged for cancellation process, if the visa holder is outside UAE.

  5. Tourist and Visit Visa Cancellation

    These single entry visa will be automatically canceled when you are exiting the country within validity period.  If not departed within the period, a fine of AED 100 is charged daily.

  6. Maid visa cancellation Dubai

    The below mentioned documents should be submitted at DNRD for canceling maid's or domestic worker's residence permit and labour card.

    • DNRD visa cancellation form - 3 copies. Duly filled by a typist.
    • Original or copy of Maid’s passport
    • Original or copy of Sponsor’s passport
    • Maid’s labour card
    • One way ticket

    On the departure day, Check in the maid and obtain the boarding pass for the maid.  In the immigration you may need to furnish the documents along with the boarding pass to complete the cancellation process. To Sponsor a maid, please read about Procedures for sponsoring maid in Dubai

Some considerations before visa cancellation

Dubai visa cancellation rules with debts

To avoid outstanding debts in UAE, it is necessary to terminate your bank account, loans & credits card. Most of the employers can ask for clearance certificate from bank. Hence Dubai visa cancellation during bank loan is not possible. Your bank may freeze your account once you put your resignation. So please plan accordingly to ensure the cash is withdrawn from your account.

Other utilities

It is also necessary to terminate your electricity, water connection and telephone lines. Your employees will also require for the clearance from other utility departments for initiating the Dubai work visa cancellation procedure. Your telephone connection may be disconnected once you put your resignation. Hence it is ideal to have an alternate phone connection.


If the accommodation is provided by the employer you may need to vacate within the grace period mentioned in the contract . Before resignation, plan for the stay till you leave the country.

Grace period after visa cancellation Dubai

Once the visa is cancelled, you will have a grace period of 30 days within which you need to exit the country. After that for every day overstayed, a fine of AED 25 should be paid for first 6 months, AED 50 next 6 months and AED 100 beyond that.

Consequences due to non cancellation of visa

Visa cancellation is necessary to avoid any complication for future entry to UAE and other GCC countries.


If the employer is not officially notified about your departure, then you can be declared as absconding. This can result in a ban to enter or work in UAE for a specific term. You might lose the final salary and gratuity.

Dubai visa cancellation rules with debts

If you have outstanding debts, you may be subject to imprisonment at any attempt to re enter the country even in transit.

NOTE: By law, no employer could detain the worker if they have submitted the resignation within the notice period. In case, employer detain the employee beyond notice period, employee can raise complaint in Dispute section of Ministry of Labour.

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