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Thanks to the promising efforts of Al Hilal Bank, UAE residents can now use their Emirates ID as an ATM card too. The Bank will be the first to provide this service. Hopefully this service will come into practice within the next three months. This achievement is a direct outcome of the partnership agreement signed by Al Hilal Bank and Eida in January 2013.

For the first time in history a World Expo is finally being held in the Middle East.

Etisalat, one of the leading telecom operators in the Middle East, has announced that its eLife and standalone landline subscribers will now be able to enjoy free national calls across the UAE.

Visitors to Dubai will be able to apply for and receive visas through their mobile phones as part of a new service, it has been reported.

Cash-rich Dubai police has added Aston Martin, Bentley and Mercedes to its existing fleet of luxurious supercars which includes Ferrari and Lamborghini, making it the most stylish security force in the world.
Following recent unveilings of a Ferrari FF and a Lamborghini, the force has shown off new cars from luxury UK auto maker Aston Martin, Bentley and Mercedes.

The UAE is ready to track and counter the outbreak of infectious diseases like the coronavirus. A frenchman was admitted in a hospital in France due to a potentially fatal respiratory virus which is closely associated with SARS, a few days after his visit to Dubai.

Expats in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are racing to buy up gold after the sharpest drop in prices for 70 years.

Retailers in Dubai and Qatar – famed as gold buying hotspots – are rumoured to have taken stocks of the precious metal off display until the value goes back up.

The employees in Dubai who would like to avail a sick leave, has to pay AED 60 for the doctor's note.

A decree has com into force today. Hence all the employees in Dubai would be required to pay AED 60 along with the doctor's consultation fee, which mostly comes upto AED 50.

There were heavy rains and thunderstorms in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and other parts of the Emirates. The unstable weather has been continuing to affect parts of UAE and Oman, since last Thursday. The weather forecast predictions are that this unstable weather would continue till Wednesday. There will be scattered rains and occasional thunderstorms.

An earthquake preliminarily measured at 7.8 magnitude hit the Iran-Pakistan border on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The earthquake was felt as far away as Abu Dhabi, where buildings shook for 40 seconds or more, but it's not yet clear what damage has been caused across region.


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