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Jumeirah International Nursery School


Jumeirah International Nursery School Dubai aim to provide young children with a stimulating, exciting and safe environment, where they can discover, communicate and learn to express themselves at many levels. Play is an essential part of this learning process, and is used to extend their boundaries, through which children can begin to understand themselves and the World around them. Through play and activities, music and song, story and poetry, experience and observation, interaction and conversation, we provide the foundations on which to build.

It is the aim of our Early Years Staff to meet the individual needs of all our children which lies at the heart of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Early Years Foundation Stage sets the standards for learning development and care for young children from birth to 5 years.

Al Wasl Branch (JIN 1), P.O. Box 24857, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 349 9065
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